Family Therapy

We know that family can be the key to helping a loved one manage mental health issues.  Having a person in your family experiencing these problems can be one of the most daunting and stressful challenges a family can face.  This is especially true of mood disorders, thought disorders, or substance abuse. Mainstream unites and strengthens families by helping to improve communication among family members, and by creating new patterns for engagement.  We provide the tools to make this happen, educate family members about how to use them, and create a plan for success.

Each family’s needs are unique and we work to customize an approach that can help lead your family to sustainable well-being.

Because of our strong belief in the value and importance of family involvement, Mainstream offers family services at the same rate as individual services.

Mainstream helps families:

  • Develop a plan for long-term recovery
  • Build skills to avoid future crises
  • Manage the unique challenges of First Episode Psychosis
  • Celebrate rites of passage such as a successful launch of adult children
  • Create new, adaptive patterns of relating
  • Learn and implement problem-solving skills
  • Distinguish between helping and enabling
  • Increase empathy and understanding
  • Decrease emotional reactivity
  • Set appropriate and effective limits and expectations
  • Develop new and more open styles of communication
  • Establish healthy boundaries


Mainstream can help you discover the solutions you’ve been seeking.

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Mainstream is a program of Crescend Health