Mainstream is a program of Crescend Health, which allows us to closely collaborate with Phoenix House to provide residential services to those clients who need more intensive support.  Phoenix House’s residential program provides several groups and activities every day, structured social contact, medication monitoring, therapy, and 24-hour support from trained mental health staff.  Mainstream collaborates with residents at Phoenix House to provide additional support in whatever way our clients most need it.  Often times, that means additional therapy, building bridges out into the community, developing new skills to ensure success, navigating the transition from the house into independent living, or, most likely, all of the above.

Clients or family members exploring the option of residential treatment should know that all residents of Phoenix House must be under the care of a psychiatrist (we can provide referrals if necessary), and agree to be medication compliant while at the house.

While we work closely to support and rehabilitate many clients with substance abuse disorders, Phoenix House is not a drug and alcohol detox program and is not equipped to handle the medical complications associated with withdrawals and the detox process.  The rehabilitative and support services offered at Phoenix House are focused on establishing stability and building skills for those with mood and thought disorders, and improving mental health is their primary mission.

If you are interested, please contact Derrick Selb, Mainstream Program Manager at (805)845-0700 ext. 11, or Shelby Norton, Phoenix House Program Manager at (805)965-6786 ext. 108,  or send us a confidential message.

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Mainstream is a program of Crescend Health