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In our groups, community members enjoy group discussions and experiential learning. We try to stay away from the typical model that feels like a classroom, with a teacher at the front of the room.  Instead, a Mainstream counselor actively participates, modeling safety and respect, while attendees listen and motivate each other, showing support when things get hard. Group members looking to connect with other like-minded individuals will find they are finally getting a chance to feel heard and understood.

The groups began with a simple request from our clients, saying they wanted more social interaction. In keeping with Mainstream’s values, we talked with them individually and got a feel for the times, locations, and types of groups they would attend. Using a quick checklist (feel free to fill one out!), we came up with the Mainstream Calendar of events.

All community members are welcome to attend the groups at Mainstream. If you are not currently a Mainstream client, a short intake will be needed to determine suitability for the groups. You can click on the pictures above to learn more about the individual groups.

*NEW GROUP, COMING SOON! : “Tying the Knot”
Please Contact us for more information about our “Tying the knot” premarital group for couples.

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Mainstream is a program of Crescend Health