Why We Do This Work

We believe that there are many people who fall through gaps in the established system.  There are people who are too high functioning, too stable, or have too many resources to qualify for non-crisis services with the Santa Barbara county mental health services; there are families who need more support and guidance than exists elsewhere in the community; there are overwhelmed parents at their wits end who need skills that are not taught in any parenting skills classes or books.  We have worked with countless families and individuals who have described cycling through the same crises over and over for months or years, without any resources to help them break the pattern.  We have worked with clients who have been turned away from private doctors for being “too sick,” and turned away from clinics for being “not sick enough.”

We believe that supporting these people who have fallen through the cracks serves an important function in this community.

We believe that change is possible.

We believe in finding creative solutions to help the people who can’t find help elsewhere.

Countless religious and political leaders have asserted that the true test of a society is in how it treats those who need help the most.  We take this to heart, striving to make our community a better place for all by improving the lives of those living in it.

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