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As soon as my
symptoms returned,
I called Mainstream

We Can Help


Thanks to
our son is able
to live on
his own again

See What's Possible

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With Mainstream's
support, I'm finally
back in school

Reach Your Goals


Getting the whole family
involved, made the biggest difference

How We Work

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Testimonials from Clients

  • When there wasn't anything there to help me, Mainstream came to my home and met with my family.
    Mainstream Client
  • Mainstream staff helped me to find better housing and move towards my healthiest self.
    Mainstream Client
  • Mainstream helped me to rise up out of some of my deepest challenges.
    Mainstream Client
  • Mainstream staff were compassionate when helping me to work on my mental illness. I never felt judged or labelled.
    Mainstream Client
  • My son feels so much more confident in his own abilities to make decisions about his everyday life since he has changed from a required, cookie-cutter mold of treatment (one size fits nobody), to a treatment plan that he has been able to create by himself for his own recovery.
    Parent of a Client
  • My son has become a more confident, self-reliant person, and I think that we both believe that Mainstream has played a very important role in this transformation.
    Parent of a Client
  • The staff at Mainstream have been a lifeline for us. Their professionalism, dedication and flexibility have enabled us to find a path that is working, and to provide hope when there was none.
    Parents of a Client
  • Mainstream has helped to open up a confident world of acceptance and empowerment for my son - freedom to be heard, instead of being herded.  My son now has a voice and a more purposeful life.
    Parent of a client

Mainstream is a program of Phoenix of Santa Barbara